Culinary Challenge 2 - Vegetarian Main Course

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@Grant and @Chris are going to be traveling, so they asked me to suggest this week's culinary challenge. Well, when the omnivorous are away, the vegetarian is going to play. To make it interesting, I'm going to ask the readers from Herbivoracious to come over and throw down with all you short-rib lovers. All in good fun!

This week's objective: Use the sous vide method to make a great vegetarian main course. Eggs and dairy are fine, but it can also be vegan if you like. It could be as simple as using sous vide to blanch vegetables before grilling and serving over pasta, or you can make a multi-component masterpiece using high-tech techniques.

How to play: Take the challenge in your own kitchen, then share your results in this forum thread. Describe the dish you have chosen and techniques used to make it. Describe where your idea or inspiration came from and what your plan of attack was, and finally, post your pictures.

The top 3 posts will get their photos posted on ChefSteps' Pinterest board. Have your entries posted by Sunday 1/27. @Grant has already said he's entering one from the road, and I've got something up my sleeve too (but of course our entries aren't part of the challenge.)
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